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El Taco Nazo
26491 Ynez Rd Suite Q
Palm Plaza (next to GNC)
Temecula, Ca 92591
(951) 296-2163

I am always open to try new food and different restaurants. My decision to eat somewhere is largely based on the way it smells when I walk in. When I walked into El Taco Nazo, I knew that was where I was eating for lunch that day.

It smelled like fresh cooked carne asada, tortillas, onions and lime. I always have a hard time deciding what to get when eating somewhere new, but decided on a carne asada torta (a steal at $3.99). As soon as I saw it I knew I was going to get full. In the middle of a large fresh flatbread was a thick layer of beans topped with loads of carne asada, lettuce, tomatoes, guacamole, and an Ensenada cream sauce. Also at our table were some very delicious looking Baja chicken tacos ($1.35), freshly cooked chips ($.99), and a quesadilla kids meal with rice and beans ($2.99).

Everything was cooked fresh and served very quickly, a major plus when in a hurry. And who can complain when 3 people eat lunch for under $10!! The only drawback, no public restroom, so come with clean hands! Be sure to bring an empty stomach as well, because you are sure to leave here satisfied with money still in your pockets. I suggest giving this little taste of Ensenada a try the next time you are over in Palm Plaza. You won't regret it!

-Jeney Kingsbury

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