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While Paris and Nicki made 'the simple life' a houseword phrase again for folks around the globe, in trendy Temecula it's the tractors and mud that bring out the 'sodbusters' around here once a year. This year THE GREAT TRACTOR RACE OF 2004 was taken over by the FULL VALUE ENTERTAINMENT crew of Bill, Jeney, Mr. Pete, 'Big' Joe, Jeff, debuting as this year's event annoucer, Jackie, and Tanya, with able assists from Chris (VICTIM OF SOCIETY) and BOBBY BREAKDOWN.
By the end of the day at sundown (it's just a daytime two-day event each year not counting the time trials on Friday), the camp had settled into three separate groups of, the racers with campfires ablaze just across the creekbed, the event voluteers being fed burgers, hotdogs, ribs, chili, and t-bones, in the music/food tent, and the FVE CREW chillin' on haybales by the van outdoors (except when we went inside the food tent to grub). Also by the end of the day a caregiver to a kemo patient had told Bill her patient said 'it was the best day of her life'. It's the simple things, mud, tractors, beer, soda, and music, all under a clear blue sky with temps in the 70's that makes THE GREAT TEMECULA TRACTOR RACE a 'Mid-West' kind of thing. Always in the begining of October, this year's race is the 28th Annual Race and featured on Saturday the following talents.

The two piece duet of George and Misty played a spirited opening set doing many tunes from their CD 'Corner Of Depression' and enjoying the all ages crowd from the stage.
The relocated couple now residing in Brea says life is getting better for them. They shook the dust off the sodbusters who came into the tent.

The Love Angster, though toned down a bit from Madlin's shows due to a lack of lattes, still put on a show as always. One old 'redneck' was heard to say, 'I wouldn't buy his CD because I can't relate to his music (songs like 'Toadstool' perhaps) but I sure do like to watch him sing.' With his vocal flourishes and 'Elvis' body english, BURKE gave those sodbusters a taste of something they don't get down on the farm... and they liked it!

Jeney of KEENWILD did double duty by singing the National Anthem at Noon and then performing the vocal duties with Bill, her husband of KEENWILD, who did a shortened but well appreciated set before a whole different audinace segment, including a special fan, Bill's Mom. Once again the crowd, a real mix of non-coffee house types of all ages, stayed glued to the stage. Live Music is your best entertainment value. Look for KEENWILD On Tour starting a week before Thanksgiving somewhere in the Midwest. Check website for details.

A band from Sacramento, CA brought the simple folk a taste of big city punk that shook the mud off them. Not to be confused with the punk death metal band late of Planet Hemet, these boys 'walked the walk', complete with blazing guitar licks, adult lyrics, tats and wifebeaters. And they did rock. The wide-eyed crowd never knew that band was Big Joe kin or that a large part of their take-no-prisoners arua came about when their drummer failed to show. Nothing steams a band's clams more than a no-show, and why not? Fortunately Andrew, the drummer from VOS kept FLUID from becoming a victim.
A surprise guess appearence was made by ETHEREAL from the political Hip Hop Hollywood rap group, MECHANIZM, who 'graced' us with new two rythmes hot off the street. Back story, another Big Joe kinfolk. Even without the DJ's scratching the big E still had attitude and anger, with his Curtis Mayfield 'if there's a hell below then we're all gonna go' viewpoint. Gone too were the third world duds which add to the effectiveness, I believe.

The biggest surprise here was Matt's new height. He's now as tall as the bass he plays. It seems that the brauts and beer he consumed while in Austria, the Governator's home country, filled him out not up. Wearing a big smile, no doubt from all the ribbing he's been getting about his sudden growth spurt (he just got back), Matt, along with an already warmed up Andrew, and Chris, launched into a playful set that had the tent capping. These guys have so much fun playing music. A 28 state tour is planned for next summer.

BB continues to polish itself into a professional act as printed set lists were handed out before the sound check. Opening with the same acoustic number as the last show at Madlin's but on a stage three feet off the ground with the American Flag as a backdrop, BOBBY BREAKDOWN played a shortened but spirited set, all fastened down by razor sharp drum licks popped to perfection.

TGTR Day 1 was over. - Mr. PETE