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It’s roughly halfway to Christmas, Hanukah, and the winter Solstice and the Christians, agnostics, Jews, and pagans have all come together under the uniting banner of music, an art form which was discovered and not invented by man, and now showcased at Madlins, the birth place of new music in Temecula, CA. It is also the day before my 13 year old son comes out to visit me from Indiana, so I am naturally pumped. Tonight’s line-up features something old, something new, something borrowed, but nothing blue.


‘UNDER THE SHADOW of an angel’s wing’ is the full name phrase for the newest Temecula band to play at Madlins. It is also UTS’ first public show. Formed in September (‘04) with Austin Mendoza (guitar), Ian Whitney (drums), and Chad Powszok (guitar), the trio practiced but also kept an eye out for the right missing links to round out the straight hardcore sound they envisioned. Finally their salvation turned up in the form of Dave Hudson (keyboards, occasional vocals) and Matt Holinger (frontman). The group maintain a unique sound by using the keyboard to provide the bass line instead of the usual bass guitar. Perhaps this is what gives their music more sway to the beat than the more normal choppy rhythm of hardcore, or maybe it’s just the short hair cuts of the 18-15 year olds. Either way UNDER THE SHADOW brought out a nice hardcore crowd who can keep tabs on them through the link from their space at, natch. This was ‘something new’.


Borrowed from Seattle, WA, and making their second label appearance at Madlins in support of their new CD titled ‘Our Worlds Divorce’ was Rocketstar Recordings artists, THIS PROVIDENCE. Delivering their powerhouse indie rock to the crowd at Madlins, they proved once again that the tour is the warm-up as Paul (the Dooder) on drums didn’t need a few songs to become a ‘wild man’ on the kit. On the road with JENOAH, this four piece group of pop punksters drew ‘woooo’s from the crowd with their well composed songs. As these musicians make their way back up through the O.C. and beyond, any ‘scensters’ who can catch their act will not be disappointed and will rack up some ‘war wounds’ if the venue allows it (which Madlins doesn’t). Remember, ‘TP cleans up messes like nobody’s business’ unlike the John Wayne brand that’s rough, tough, and don’t take shit off anybody. Find THIS PROVIDENCE on


Driving through on Drive-thru Records, tour mates of TP is JENOAH, a group that puts original word poems to jazz fusion rhythms for strong indie rock. Down one member since their last stop at Madlins, the three piece, now drums, guitar, and vocals/bass still wowed the crowd with the animated conviction of singer/bass Steven Martinez and the musical effort of the band. The band show tempo has toned down from the screamo ripcut to a more subdued tone since the moog/guitar player is no longer there to rev up the crowd like a hardcore cheerleader. It will be interesting to see if JENOAH stays a three piece but I guess I’ll have to wait for their next Madlins appearance to find out. See posted CD review for website info on this label band from Southern California.


Claiming the ‘something old’ spot is a band that has played Madlins the most times of any band here tonight which is ironic since they are the youngest. All three members are in attendance at Murrieta Vista High School. Opening their style of drummer driven melody indie rock for classmates, friends, and beaming parents, you start to realize just how fortunate and blessed we are to have the type of music scene for new music lovers here at Madlins. The boys, brothers Robert (drums) and Michael (guitar) Gonzalez, along with Vinnie Bello on bass debuted a new song and thrilled the hometown crowd with ‘old stuff’ like ‘You Were Wrong’ and ‘Sweet Dreams’. Of a band this good and cool has a place on, the place for all the hip youngsters and one oldster.


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