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Because of a scheduling conflict I arrive after the band, MASSACRE THE BEAUTY, has already played. A large crowd has already massed and been entertained by the sixth to seventh graders from the local area. In fact, seeing that most of the bands tonight are not just local but are friends and contemporaries of each other, seems to have brought out the crowd, which is heavily sated with parents as well.


This year and a half old high school aged band with members Landis Scott, frontman; Gary Cuellar, guitar/vocals; Steven Lambert, guitar; Ryan Besimer, bass; and Donovan “Dono” Carciopolla, drums has the SRO Madlins crowd head bopping to screamo post hardcore rock ‘n’ roll, a genre that is popular in Southern California, Arizona, Chicago, and the northeast coast. The fans of such music are so caught up in the frenzy that Landis, the frontman and newest member of two months, decides to body surf, which is a no-no. Now I must say body surfing is an ‘American Pie’ sort of thing to see live, but still the ‘rules’ are there for a reason, the reason here being that this venue is intimate (small) and has glass by the service area and art paintings (for sale) hanging on the wall. (The outside parking lot rules are there to keep the police from to intervene or be a presence, this ain’t the f**king hood yo’). Having said that, the body surfing was stopped and the set disrupted. It is too the credit of Landis, his band, and his upbringing that his apology was honest and forthright to Bill, and that you guys just rocked!! Another new local band is out of the chute and this one is sponsored by Roy Phillips of Dimension Clothing (.com) For more on the band, check them out at, yep,


 Keeping it real for all the painted hair, Mohawks, and spikes that screamo brings out was A SILENT HEARTBEAT, a crowd pleaser to classmates and parents alike. This spirited set of raw-raws featured a lot more energy plugged into the musicianship of making the music rather than the antics of illustrating it. The result is a more cohesive band sound and more polish to the act. This is another ‘heartthrob local band’ with a drummer who loves to twirl his sticks adding to the fun of watching them play. Not surprising is the fact that the band enjoys a strong school work ethic. Each member of the band carries an ‘A’ or ‘B’ average. This is ‘straightedge screamo’.


More spikes, more movement, more speed screamo from another up and fast rising young local band and favorite at Madlins, THE QUALITY KILL. Many of the previous band members stayed and joined in with the other classmates and parents to the head bobbing hardcore put out in ripsaw rhythm and staccato drum licks driven home by guttural raw-raws. The band’s precision in following the jagged hardcore disharmony is more in sync showing the blending of individual egos into a common ‘one for all’ effort that comes from practice and more practice. This is another local band that improves each outing and shows you why the youth play hardcore.


Once again it seemed like a mutual admiration society as band members watched another of their peers perform. Each band, though maybe in the same music genre, is curious about the other. Often with practice and school, or visa versa, the only time you can see your friend’s band is out in public. So if there’s a buzz going you want to stay and check it out. The buzz about A CALMER DAY is that they are stretching their limits. Already a band that has raw-raws coming from almost all the members, coupled with headbanger rhythm, heavy metal refrains, and guitar hero fingering, the ever expanding artists added a bounce around scream-mo dance number that had people popping like corn. Another powerhouse band in Temecula’s ever growing stable.

Set 5 – AUROUS

I dusted off my 2002 Lake Elsinore THROTTLE Sports & Music Festival backstage pass and gazed at the AUROUS sticker stuck to the back of it when I heard they were to play Madlins. The question of what happened between then and now for the Temecula based four piece group was answered when they took the stage. “We’re artists” was the retort and they immediately launched into an infectious blend of rock with original lyrics formed around songs with a different style of melody. Their old indie anthem sound had gathered a following in the Throttle days and some of the old fans turned out along with younger fans who had either heard about them or perhaps listened to one of their two ‘Fate’ blue jacketed Demo CDs. Although they performed material off their current EP titled ‘Unleash The Elements’ showing the evolution reached during the hiatus, they never the less closed with the old stand-by, ‘Defeat Will Never Win’. (See CD review).