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In the evolution of a band, any band from the one next door to the ROLLING STONES, is the ‘graduation’ from ‘the garage’. To everyone else this step is called ‘the first tour’. Tonight’s show at Madlins, Temecula, CA is the start of a tour for two bands appearing tonight, and ironically, the birth of a new band, starting the cycle all over again. Also once again the night is set to be mostly acoustic.

Though the crowd is sparse, the composed youngsters dressed more like library students than the usual fashion trendy hardcores or the metal punks, came to see their classmates from Chaparral High School, Billy Blakely and Steven Tran, and Vista High, Jessica Gantos, perform tonight. The three piece group features Jessica on additional vocals, Billy on lead acoustic, and Steven as vocals and rhythm acoustic. It is LOVER PARADE ‘s second appearance at Madlins. The original songs feature teenage angst and some nice slide work by Billy B. Still in progress, this band of only eight months shows marked improvement in stage presence over their previous outing. See and hear them at myspace/loverparade

Another sparse crowd favorite, KEENWILD is polishing up the act before their ‘DUSTY ROADS TOUR’ gets underway on 11/20/4. It is Bill and Jeney’s second or third tour. They’re pros. Seated in the classic pose for accompanying guitar, Bill announced the first song, The Yuppie Anthem. He backed up Jeney’s strong voice with equally strong acoustic guitar work blended best on the song ‘Alone’. The second song was KW’s anti-suicide song, a theme that can’t be stressed enough these days in the techno pop culture teens inhabit. ‘Rivers’, a nice addition to the set was followed by ‘Green Paper’. Closing the set was KEENWILD ’s Australian (Power Pop) hit song, ‘Mr. Pete’. Most if not all of KW’s recorded songs can be heard through the radio on their webpage (link from this site).

Friends of LOVER PARADE and the newest band around is THE AMERICAN HERITAGE, a two piece made up of Chase sitting, playing rhythm acoustic guitar and vocals on the third song, and Kyle, vocals, lead acoustic, and standing. Kyle, being late of DARK HAVEN, opens the set with a few in-jokes for the fans who know music history 411. He also opens with “Hey Steve(n Tran), you broke my guitar,” so Bill ‘the show must go on’ of KEENWILD loans his acoustic out. After this the set went well considering “we’ve been a band for three weeks”. The set also pointed out just how much talent was in DH. This band may also be changing its name judging from crowd ribs it got for sounding like the dictionary.

Joining KEENWILD on the DUSTY ROADS TOUR is the band BOBBY BREAKDOWN, a band ready to ‘graduate.’ Having played to friends and family, classmates, other band members, and the general music crowd at Madlins, on nights of big crowds and small, BB is fulfilling something I wrote about them months ago, they are ‘breaking out’ and bustin’ loose. Their set too was a warm-up and fine tune for the road. Will Ryan’s shirt come off at each show, as tonight, before he blast the skins sending drum shots out to the audience? Matt on guitar has gone ‘wireless’ and Johnny on bass seems unfazed by the whole thing. Boys if I wasn’t on a budget. There’s nothing like a ‘road trip’. Break a leg and keep spreadin' da news, ‘live music is your best entertainment value’. – PT ROTHSCHILD