MADLINS 1-2-3 SHOW 10/9
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In the bright light of a local homecoming, Madlin's Saturday show was just a shadow of Friday night's, but still very interesting for its own quirks. For those who weren't there, I give you Madlin's Coffee House on one of the quirkier venue nights. Quirk number one, tonight's show is only three sets.


An acoustic set of intense poetic lyrics set to a strong voice and accomplished playing, VINCENT ALEXANDER opened the public side of his love for music by taking it solo. Last playing in public at 16 in a punk rock band then during a stint at Best Buy Murrieta, (with me as it were - I tell all my friends back east that it is just one big small town out here), Vince practiced and tried to get his musical buds to string along. After having written a number of songs and at his friends' urging, Vince finally broke the ice at Madlins Coffee House, Temecula, CA.


Though the name sounds like some Snoop Dog dialog from 'Soul Plane', the band HAZZLE is closer to the late Rodney Dangerfield concept of 'no respect'. Collin Donnell, vocals and expect axesmanship of the two piece group from Petaluma, CA, said they get no press and have played shows like tonight's slim pickins. Justin Silva, drums and vocals, makes up the other half of the truboudore stlye duo that has a new five song demo CD out titled 'QUERTY'. Onstage the show is entertaining wih some songs also done 'plugged in' but with 'no bass, keyboards or anything', you feel this half is looking for its compliment to make a whole, but the songs, they are engaging.


As Simple as 1-2-3, this three piece made up of Murrieta high schoolers, a drummer 16, a guitartist/backing vocals 15, and playing bass, the tallest 14 year old I've ever seen with a voice still changing, also doing vocals. It is the second show for the local hatchling group that brought most of tonight's fans. Stand out is the drummer who wears a big silver Cadillac belt buckle who was out of his shirt shortly into the set. So it is A SIMPLE ENDING to a night of bands under construction. - PT ROTHSCHILD