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Once again for the second night in a row, Madlin's Coffee House, Temecula, CA drew a large crowd of young teens and parents alike to watch and listen to today's hot under-the-radar young bands. And for the second night in a row, the much publicized Temecula Valley International Film Festival might as well been playing in Des Moines, as now Madlin's has become THE intimate venue here in the valley. Scores of teens again made the scene to see and hear: NOT QUITE BERNADETTE (see CD review), SCARY KIDS SCARING KIDS (see CD review), ROSES FOR REASON (see CD review), AS NIGHT FALLS, and OCEAN DAYBREAK (see CD review).

This Saturday night show (9/11) differed from the previous night in that it was less hardcore and therefore there were no 'Bad Taste 2' scouts (see 9/10 show review) in the post hardcore crowd. Tonight a few parents were thrown in, having driven to see their kids play a show at Madlins' intimate venue. The show started early, the same time as the Church I decided to attend on the original Sabbath. By the time I arrived at Madlins Coffee House, Temecula, CA, two bands had already lathered up the crowd in a repeat pattern of the night before and I had heard a guest (Church) speaker tell how he had reached a 'gothic', telling the story as if he had tamed some wild tatted up creature of the night. Boy it felt good to get back to Madlins and the reality and purity of new music made by talented artists and enjoyed by the fans that come there.
Of the bands that I saw, ROSES FOR REASON appeared at Madlins on the last full moon (8/28) so they subsequent review will appear for that first show, and AS NIGHT FALLS has also appeared at Madlins and gotten reviewed, but I will look that up to make sure. It isn't often that you see a female lead guitarist in a rock band and one who can hold her own. I can say this for both bands, they ROCKED out!
Headlining tonight was OCEAN DAYBREAK, a band I had already received a CD from on a previous night. This band really delivered in the sound department. The reason, it is a six member band consisting of double lead guitars, frontman, drummer, rhythm guitar, and a wildman on bass. The band, all looking like they were on a college break, danced around the stage in their own space, anchored by a solid electric semi acoustic rhythm and a solid back beat by a drummer who moves the least. Less is more. Once more Full Value Entertainment gave a tip 'o the hat to the raven haired Jackie Findl, who is producing a show this FRIDAY 9/17 at the Temecula Rec Center off Ynez. FYI, we at FVE will be there. Break a leg, Jackie. - PT ROTHSCHILD

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