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Madlin's Coffee House, home stage of original music for coffee lovers in trendy Temecula, CA, played host to a charity show on April 17, 2004. The event was for a child named Melanie, stricken ill with cancer. On a hope filled night, the buzz was in the air and all the bands and the crowd reflected it. Here is my review of the night.

Opening Band: IF ALL ELSE FAILS - An Upland, CA five piece setup in the traditional style of rock 'n' roll bands producing a balanced sound of original rock 'n' roll, see record review.

Second set: BOBBY BREAKDOWN - How local can you get? Not much more than this band from Murrieta Valley High School consisting of just three pieces, guitar, bass, and drums. These young rockers ask and answer the Question, when is scream-mo not scream-mo? See Breakdown In-View.

Third set: In Silence - A 'phoenix' band rising from the ashes of 'MUTT'. This five piece punk band from the Planet Hemet area, still fairly local, plays double rhythm original punk rock and delivers screaming vocals from a 'Christian version' of Marilyn Manson, sans the missing rib and upside-down cross. These boys in black with the industrial strength Goth sound (guitar, guitar, vocals, bass, drums) are ready to play at your next mosh pit gathering during the full moon. Place any inquiries for band info on the Full Value Message Board.

Headliners: 8th Day Fall - An Orange County four piece band consisting of drums, bass, and rhythm and lead guitars. The drummer, Henry, who hales from another fairly local locale named Canyon Lake which is just up the I-15 from Full Value HQ, is friends with the family of the little girl who was diagnosed with cancer. It is this band that is behind the whole benefit concert idea and Full Value Entertainment and Madlin's Coffee House were only too happy to oblige. Perhaps too, that is why this band, a So Cali mix of polos and t-shirts making for the skater rock/outlaw look, play political songs and open with an African drum ensemble accompanied only by the bass. It is a truly unique opening and totally in line with what I've come to expect from OC. For those who read this review and don't live in Southern California, let's just say that there was a reason they make a TV show called 'The OC'.
Although the original songs are good alternative rock with pleasing vocals and harmonious background work done by the lead guitar and bass, it is the tightness of the band and the live performance that make this band well worth watching. Aside from the opening drum work, Henry really smokes the drums and the 'wife beater' he wears just adds to the whole look/sound thing. Meanwhile, the bass player picks riffs on his bass like he tired out for lead, but the lead guitarist bends notes like Beckum bends kicks through an FX whammy bar, riding on the solid rhythm work from the second guitar.
All-in-all, it was a special night for someone much too young to be facing such a unpleasant future. We at Full Value and all those at Madlin's hope this night will provide some bright memories to help illuminate and provide hope on the dark journey ahead. - P. T. Rothschild