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Long Since Forgotten, Fire When Ready Review


Before the 'Berlin Wall' fell in '89, pulled down by rock 'n' rollers, (YEAH!), this headline would have been big news for the world. Now this headline is BIG news for Trendy Temec(ula, CA) as Madlin's Coffee House in conjunction with Full Value Entertainment, moved to solidify their venue as the place to experience new music and visiting rockers. This time out Madlin's and FVE pulled out all the stops in bringing two New York bands, Fire When Ready and Long Since Forgotten to gig with Temecula Valley locals, Bobby Breakdown and Keenwild.
The combination together served up a one-two musical punch that had the near capacity all ages Friday night crowd all fired up.
Bobby Breakdown thrilled all their loyal fans and high school friends and opened the cross coast show. Having warmed up the crowd sufficiently, Fire When Ready ( turned up the heat. FWR's frenzied and frantic stage antics showed a style ready made for a music video and added rather than subtract from their fresh East Coast style of power pop. An octogenarian named Herb was overheard saying "Wow, these boys recalibrated my pacemaker. Look out tonight, Martha." Part of the reason for this exuberance was revealed after a particularly rhythmic song thrashing of 'Shedding Me Up' when the lead singer testified that he loved being out here in Hollywood. The fact that he was two hours away from it shows you the mystic all Southern California has on those fresh off 'the boat'. The look on his face told you that he and the band had fled from the winter weather of the East Coast. Who said they'd never escape?
From the better side of the tracks according to FWR were friends and tourmates from up state NY, Long Since Forgotten. They presented an older (early 20's) more mature East Coast alternative rock sound. Dressed Bohemian retro, both bands blew the faces off Madlin's thirsty crowd and rattled the teeth of the dentist next door. Whether raw and intense or smoothly sophisticated, neither band lagged on talent. And as your Granny would have said, listening without her hearing aid, these are all such 'nice young men.'
Rounding out the evening's entertainment to its fullest value was the performance by Keenwild. As a local/regional purveyor of live music, be it Blues, Folk, or Funk, I've watched this talented duo who recently celebrated their nuptials, grow in musical ability. As one would watch a seed grow, flower and bud, so this duo has begun to flower. A new addition to the grunge pop sound, adding more snap to the crackle, was the keyboard syncopated drum beat. Though very welcome in broadening their song patterns by giving them a toe tapping down beat, I knew it was only a matter of time before the self producing evolving duo included it in their act. They delighted the hometown crowd and included the Australian hit downloads ( 'Green Paper' and 'Mr. Pete'.
The all ages free rock alternative coffee house shows resume this Saturday (4/3/04) as KEENWILD opens for a grip of young bands, all appearing at Madlin's Coffee House. Be There or Be Decaffeinated!

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