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It’s a Saturday night and the crowd files in to tonight’s show which has only three bands listed at show time, but we’ve done a ‘less is more’ theme before. All of tonight’s bands are a curious mix of not quite local, not quite regional, and not touring band types from out of state. They are all from the (951) area code, the new code that took part of the old (909) area when we got too big for our britches, their only common trait. They are also a mix of the most popular genres around So Cali. today, and consist of screamo/hardcore, pop emo punk, and post hardcore metal, ‘a little something for everybody’, as I can see Jack Nicholson saying it.


Hailing from the Riverside to Murrieta area come the band made up of the Diaz Brothers from Perris, CA, Dave with a head mike on drums, and Anthony on lead guitar. Backing the out-of-towners are Murrieta/Temecula locals, Pierre Phelps (rhythm guitar), David Mellizo (bass), and frontman, Mike Kemble. This was a set for friends and family, judging from all the girls holding small babies, and they were treated to good, clear vocals, especially on the song, ‘Final Resting Place’, an experimental indie emo number. The frontman showed a nice loose glibness with the crowd and a free style rap came forth during a tune-up section, showing the versatility of the band members. A song originally called ‘Dave’ was renamed ‘Madlins Café’ on the spot for the enthusiastic turnout. Some songs featured a straight edge style of Christian attitude.


Taking the I-15 south for twenty-five miles from Lake Elsinore, CA brings you into Temecula and Madlins, and that’s just what the twins, Michael Valle (drums) and Anthony Valle (bass/bup screams) did with Menna Flores (guitar/vocals), otherwise known as the band MISCONDUCT. Fortunately tonight the band also brought their road manager, Ryan Brenton. Packing the place with their fan base from just up the road, the three piece turned it up a notch with high energy antics from the twins, who resemble halfbacks from Green Bay, and chainsaw shredding from the female guitarist of the group, who also fronts the band. The MISCONDUCT applied to the instruments in putting out the house rocking tunes, took its toll on the equipment by the third song, mobilizing Ryan to earn his stripes as Road Manager by pushing all the right buttons to keep the distortions coming on ‘Winging It’, a song apropos and a head bobbing crowd pleaser. “It’s a bad show but we’re having fun,” said the bass player as they launched a nice slow song that sounded old school, pushing all their emo out front in performance, to the delight of the Lake Town crowd. The next song titled ‘F**k You’ featured some sizzling lead licks by Menna, the 24 year old cousin to the twins who are 22. Although they’ve been together for ‘5 or 6 years’ and played a lot of local shows, this was their first show in a year since recording their CD ‘AN AGEING STORY, and their first time at Madlins. Although not on myspace (yet), they can be reached at


This band from the lower ‘951’ featuring guitar players who have been mates since middle school, came loaded for bear with a drummer who started the set with his shirt off, spinning his sticks, and mic’d. Adding to the vocals is also the rhythm guitar and occasionally the bassist. Pumping out some thrasher hardcore beats, with nice experimental segues carried along by the time worn guitar interplay on the parts of Robert Krause, rhythm, and Brian Delano, lead, are Brandon DeAngelis, drums, and Ryan Delzeit, bass. Although they are listed as post hardcore/screamo/metal and there is plenty of shredding and screaming, it is the ‘metal smoothness’ of the twin guitar heroes laying atop the rock solid bass/beat of well written original songs, which are guitar rockers in disguise, that’s driving the head bobbing tonight. It’s a good show to end this first February weekend. – PT ROTHSCHILD

(editor’s note: almost a month later the band IN WINTER was in negotiations to sign with Warner Bros. Records, see ‘Breaking News’ elsewhere in the FVR for the details. Remember, see the bands live before they sign, at Madlins. Read about when they sign, in The Full Value Review, same Bat time, same Bat channel. – PT)

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