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It is the first Friday night of the month of Love, also know as February, because in this month comes the ‘feast day’ of Saint Valentine and the miracle of sight being restored to his jailer’s blind daughter on the morning he was martyred. But this is a column of music, not religious history turned into legend, which is a Latin word meaning to be read, and marketed as myth to Hallmark and See’s for the very people charged with keeping it accurate. Tonight’s lineup has a local band, a transplanted band, a tour band, and a band from just over the hill down the road. Like the outside changeable weather, the band show schedule has changed from it’s forecast, but the place is packed despite THE CHEMISTRY, a Madlins Alumni who signed with Razor & Tie Records (the story broke here first), playing at a gig somewhere across town.


From Phoenix, AZ, comes the band known as SEVEER TIRE DAMAGE, a group together for more than three years. The band of hardcore punk rock is one of a few that is fronted by a female. Her name is Jessica Oilund, and helping her along musically is Bryan Gower (drums), Gerson Cidillos (bass), and Mike Mora on guitar and additional vocal screams. A second guitarist listed on their myspace did not make the trip with the teenagers this time out. The first song, ‘Speak’ was a nice crowd warm-up by the metal influenced hardcore shredders to the rather cosmopolitan dressed crowd from Fallbrook. These fans gave the place a more sock hop look reminiscent of an old school city crowd from my day rather than the usual trendy midriff bearing hotties of the local scene. Warm applause greeted the screamo duets between ‘frontman’ Jessica and Mike, and May Grads to be, Gerson’s shredding bass licks and the rat-a-tat drum work of Bryan. In The Madlins Tradition of debuting a new song in the set, STD opened the fourth tune with “we never played this song live before”, and got the crowd involved with ripsaw stage movement and contagious screaming. The last song ‘Discrimination’ was a rhythm heavy melody that blasted the shine right off the Sunday dressing crowd.


Taking scant minutes to setup since STD used their equipment in the opening set, the seven month old band of seventeen year olds made up of Jared Huntington (lead guitar), Dave Sahlem (drums), Jared Spears (bass guitar/vocals), and Jake Smith (rhythm guitar/vocals), named BREAKING GROUND broke their first musical ground at Madlins. The mostly hometown crowd from their Fallbrook base gave them a Madlins welcome, clapping and singing along to the feisty rock tunes that BG put out. With Dave’s blond tipped dreads flying and the 5 string (3up2down) bass thumping, these boys brought the ‘thunder’ and the room heated up 20o just on the first song that rocked to the friends, classmates, and family from the town just over the hill down the road. Actually the band practices somewhere in Rainbow, a small collection of loosely scattered dwellings and businesses located in the foothills just south of Temecula. What kind of band is this? The old school type that has a nattily dressed roadie in a big red flat top, blood red dress shirt with pencil thin white suspenders who announces at set end, “after-party at Jake’s house”, meaning good conversation, Kool-Aid for the kids, cold beer for the adults, all bathed in a feeling of pride somewhere under this So Cali sky on a Friday night. Playing a ‘scene’ is as much fun for the fans as for the band, once it’s over.


Back again was the three piece local band known as STRIKE TWELVE to do their style of indie rock, which in this case, is more like indie lounge rock. They delivered the style that has made them always a popular draw with songs like, ‘Sh*t Magnet,’ bringing the house back to a smiling boil and getting a large section of fans doing ‘jumping jacks’ to the tuneful, melodic song ditties belted out to the new music lovers picked up from Fallbrook, CA. Following The Madlins Tradition, the boys’ said, (we’re) “playing a new one tonight” and debuted a new song dedicated to Zack, called ‘Idiot’. Always fun to watch their word play with the audience and themselves, you feel like you’re in their living room at home, or they are playing at their girlfriends’ slumber party, though, once again, there was no ‘Booby Song’, and on such an apropos night, a Friday for Gosh Sakes.


Relocated from Falls, Idaho, is the art house power pop band, THE FALL PROJECT, currently residing in Vista, CA, on the ocean side of our western foothills. Dressed for the ‘scene’ were the guitars, Aaron Chapman (rhythm/frontman) in a black sports jacket, and John Bowers (lead) in a classic ‘college prof’-elbow patches tan model. Throwing out the right amount of sex appeal, Aaron threatened to undo a shirt front button a song, bringing an ‘oooo’ from the front rows of scene hotties, who had gradually replaced some of the Fallbrook kids. For the music fans, the current line up of eight months delivered songs that started turbocharged and stopped on a dime in musical tightness. Anchoring the guitars was Damon Daw (bass, 3down1up) and Bob Bolton, head down and beating the piss out of his Gretsch drum kit with the smallest bass drum I’ve ever seen. How small was it? It was so small, it didn’t need a pillow to muffle the sound beat. The songs were played in a crisp fashion by the boys’ cut loose style and Madlins was treated to a barn burner performance. Welcome to So Cali, TFP!! – PT ROTHSCHILD

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