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Several members of the FULL VALUE ENTERTAINMENT crew are deep into music. Bill and Jeney form the group KEENWILD, Jackie, who sports an ANTI-FLAG black T much of the time, was putting together music shows for free at the Rec Center using her own allowance for the flyers, and tonight, one of our street team makes his own debut in his band at Madlins. Not having known Devin Sanchez much beyond his ‘Elton John’ white shades and his ‘scene’ façade character, I am curious about his outing as a musician. For me in high school it was my case of the latest, hottest R&B 45 records and for my buddy Doug, it was his blue Merc, with the cartoon of a roster pulling a wagon painted on the front fender. Devin’s band is the CINGS OF CRAPPY KOMEDY.


After a little first time set-up jitters to which Devin (drums) entertained the good size crowd of parents and classmates with jokes about the anagram of the band’s name, Ethan Harvey (guitar/vocals) and Jimmy Regan (keyboards/guitar) finished and were ready to play their 80’s love metal. It seemed the ‘crappy komedy’ was over but then someone asked if that was a sewing (machine) table they were using as a prop and Devin answered, “Yes, we are old ladies, hot old ladies.” With that the boys launched into a song about a girl Ethan ‘liked’ at school (but who didn’t show up for the show, ouch). It was at this juncture that real music was made. For a band that had been together only five months and was putting on their first public show, they were as musically polished as any and better than most on a maiden voyage. The songs played well and showed that there is more to this band than a joke name. But as Devin put it, “Everybody loves C.O.C.K.”


Actually LOVER PARADE minus one as Steve Tran (acoustic guitar/vocals) announced “This (could be) our last show.” Joining Steve was Billy Blakey (acoustic, slide steel guitars) as they opened with ‘(I Will Be) Your Confidence’ in their selection of coffee house ballads. After the second song was done ‘for Anna’, a fan in the audience, the duet performed ‘Summer’, the first song they ever wrote. They closed the short set, after a “new song I just wrote five days ago for a girl that isn’t even here tonight” sighed Steve, with ‘Spring’. Steve, Ethan, what do you think keeps the poets and songwriters writing love songs?


The third of our local bands brought out a good Sunday crowd to hear metal played by (3) Murrieta Valley High School sophs and one senior. The group, Zack Dauford (rhythm guitar/vocals), Brett Lewis (flying ‘V’ lead guitar), Andrew Fleming (5-string bass), and Matt Duran (Tama Drums) has been together less than a year and had played one show up in Sun City, CA, a while back, “but it was nothing like this”. The bass and drums opened a bottom beat set while the guitars fine tuned themselves and woke up the night. With the guitars joining in, RAD blazed into a metal version of the Mario Bros. theme and then into the set list of their maiden voyage. Performing the vocals in a rough baritone, that wasn’t quite a scream, to good solid head banging rhythm and hot lead licks, they were undaunted even after losing a string on the flying ‘V’. That was when the ‘Warlock’ came forth.

In words that could come from Adam Sandler, “Oy vey, such a weekend it was, Christians on Friday, Hip-Hop on Saturday, and Metal on Sunday.” – PT ROTHSCHILD

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