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Back again on this Saturday Night is the group ODD PROJECT, from Huntington Beach, playing a second consecutive night. Ah Madlins, ‘just can’t get enough of that wonderful stuff’, place. Having asked them earlier if they knew WALTER TROUT, the Blues performer who also is from Huntington Beach and gotten a ‘no’ only illustrates the need for a band to tour. ‘No prophet is accepted in his own hometown,’ or words to that effect someone famous once said. We’ll have to roll through the night and see if Elton John’s words are also true.


As I’ve said in the past, every band has a story like every dog has a day. The story here is based on a book and the movie that came out of it. The movie is ‘Fight Club’, a hard edged dark comedy that fits with ‘Seven’, another hard edged film that’s a thriller. Both films star Brad Pitt, one as a punk and the other as a hero in the Greek sense. The name of the Pitt character in Fight Club is Durden and he is the antagonist to Edward Norton’s protagonist character. Curiously enough the lead singer in this band bears a resemblance to Ed Norton. The band opened up with a rocker before settling into ‘Silence Of The Sweet’, their second song. Lead singer Thomas Dutton (also rhythm guitar) delivered quality vocals in his OPERATION IVY tee, Jesse Bauer, on wireless bass, slung his axe around his neck and over his brown ATTICUS tee during one rousing rocker, Andy Mannino pounded the drums wearing a MOTLEY CRUE shirt, and Thomas Hunter gave up the lead licks in a blank blue tee, as this band from Seattle, Washington played rockers and slow jams based on the indie Emo theme. The third song, ‘You’re A Memory’, a mellow melodic love song, had Thomas hitting some nice tenor notes. From the smile on Bill’s face and the warm approval from the crowd, which was mostly male, I’m betting these 19-20 year olds will be back at Madlins again.


Rolling in from the O.C. area was A FALL FAREWELL, there to deliver their brand of post hardcore. This band of 3+ years, all aged between 20-22, sold out their last show and all their CDs. It’s easy to see why because this band’s energy goes to things other than raw rage. The song, ‘If I Had A Trumpet’, demonstrated how a cut-loose band can illustrate it’s musical ability better through twin guitar interludes and a smoother sound than by buzz sawing songs loudly, and it had the most commercial beat hook. AFF is made up of Jason Gallup (frontman), Brett Hudzitez (drums), Daniel Cardoza (guitar), Brian Eikenberry (guitar), and Scott Kulek (bass). Packing sold out shows isn’t all this alternate screamo band does, they’ve been featured in a SKRATCH magazine interview, among other things.


Back to gig at Madlins a second time was GREELEY ESTATES, also a post hardcore band showing plenty of energy and stage antics as they pump out danceable hardcore and garnering a good fan reaction along the way. Ryan Zimmerman, lead vocals, knew how to ‘pose’ the scene hotties in the crowd as he debuted a new song, in The Madlins Tradition, but went one better by debuting both the band’s new bass player, Josh Applebach, replacing Jared Wallace, and Brian Champ, on drums, who replaced the old temporary drummer. “We picked them up about four months ago and we’ll have a new CD out soon” that features the new players and new music. Also in the Phoenix, Az, band is Dallas Smith (guitar) and Brandon Hackenson (guitar/ vocals). Warming up the chilly So Cali with the crowd nodding and dancing, GE was flexing its musical muscles for an upcoming show at the Chain Reaction.


NIGHT TWO. Still warmed up from the night before, ODD PROJECT rocked the house on the first song and got righteous applause springing from a large core crowd who had returned from the night before. Hands went up in the air without any prompting and the crowd sang the songs’ lyrics while moving the hair to tight, tempo changes. After announcing to everyone that they had some music videos to support their songs, the band got Jason Gallup, AFF, to pitch in on the rah-rah, and made the night seem ‘old school’ by being ‘headliners’ and blasting out a last song that everybody tossing their hair, including my bald friend Brian. See 1/21/05 for band line-up. – PT ROTHSCHILD

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