Current mood: melancholy

When you see the original art done by Ma Pinpo of a melancholy angel sitting atop a cubed world, you know two things. First off, you know the music inside is not going to be hardcore, and second, there’s bound to be a song or two about a ‘girl’. If you’re holding the seven song CD by WAVING AT STRANGERS, titled ‘Aimeeland’, you are right on both counts. In fact the first three songs deal with the fairer sex, but the melancholy continues with ‘California’ and the band’s longing to return there done BEACH BOYS MEET CHILI PEPPERS style, and ‘Ant Bug’ about a friend who appears to be set to lead an idyllic sort of life in a REM sort of ditty with a catchy hook and nice choral bridge. Production standards are good. ( - PT ROTHSCHILD