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Victim Of Society CD REVIEW


VICTIM OF SOCIETY, an Em-MO band from around Planet Hemet consisting of brothers on bass and lead guitars with a chum on drums cranks out the new school sound of 80's headbanger rock (new school being no falsetto voice and the use of a little 'rap' at the end of a song). The youthful harmonies and energetic lyrics speak of heartbreak that is found in the Goth faithful. The two DEMO CDs, one with 'Angels Smiling Down' and 'Let It Go', and the other with 'Ana's Song', 'Won't You Come Home With Me Tonight' and 'Bi-Polar', show the both growth of this young band and the versatility. VOS is not afraid of stretching. The second CD is the better showcase of the three piece band's innate raw talent and tightness. Unfortunately both CDs are under produced in the vocal balance resulting in a tinny sound quality, probably inherent to the program/recording used. Given all this, both CDs are definitely worth a listen and should be combined. Engineering is excellent in that the VOS lead is split for a dual lead sound, giving the listener the impression of a four piece.
Given their youth and ever expanding musical talent, VOS is no VICTIM OF SOCIETY. - PT ROTHSCHILD

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