Walter Trout & the Radicals “Relentless” - 2003 RufRecords

Having Seen Walter Trout live at the Blue Café in Long Beach, Ca led to the purchase of the cd. A number of musicians dare to compare themselves with Stevie Ray Vaughn on a mostly technical level, there was only one SRV. However if you look for someone who plays with a similar passion, intensity and conviction, then you will defiantly see a shadow of Stevie in Walter Trout and his four piece group known as the Radicals. Guitar, Bass, Drums, and Keyboard, the same classic lineup as Stevie, just add to the likeness , but Walter is not Stevie Ray Vaughn. He is Walter Trout and he too is very good at the Blues. With Walter’s smooth voice and his band of “Radicals,” they are the best kept secret in Huntington Beach, Ca. - P.T. Rothschild