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TRIP AND FALL - Self titled Demo CD REVIEW

The name, TRIP AND FALL, indicates action and motion in transition, rather than action and the consequence you get by adding the word 'down'. The band from out of Escondido is also in transition. The latest line-up seen 8/28 at Madlin's Full Moon Show included Andy Lyll (bass), Levi Williams (lead electric guitar/occasional vocals), Brenden Bourgeois (acoustic rhythm guitar, vocals, and sparkplug of the band), and Justin Beeson (drums). It was Justin's first show with TAF so it is not him on the three song CD. No punk or screammo, just your easy listening ballad harmony driven music done in an original old school style and lyrics so mid-America that they could have been penned by REO SPEEDWAGON. As the songs sound better each time you listen to them, the only wrong with this CD is that there are only three songs on it. Sound production and engineering quality are well above average. - PT ROTHSCHILD

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