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When you think of the Blues done by B.B. King and Stevie Ray Vaughan, the theme is that of a good man done bad by an ‘evil’ woman, but in THE ADVENTURES OF THELONIUS JAMES as told by T.J. Sullivan, you get the blues as seen through the bottom glass of a Jim Beam bottle. This style of blues is closer to a David Allen Cole vein than the Walter Trout variety. Sporting the look of a man rode hard and put up wet but able to clean up well, TJ pours forth a no frills, just plain folk heartfelt style of blues in a voice that sounds too smooth for the life he describes. Some songs are roadhouse rockers, all upbeat, while some songs are soulful and reflective, with the versatility of TJ being demonstrated by his variety of instruments that he plays- acoustic/electric guitars, Dobro, Mandolin, and the bass. Accompanied by Phil Bloch, all drums and percussion, and Mark ‘Pocket’ Goldberg on stand-up and electric bass. Production and engineering are label quality, ( – PT ROTHSCHILD

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