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The full name of this group is THE LIVING MECHANIZM, a group of socially conscienced rappers/activists who make 'conscious music for the masses' and are located both in Vegas and Hollywood. The CD 'Wasteful Mentality' starts with a nice intro tune that says what's to come is something more than a dance tune. Songs like the title track and Third World War, rap political as you might expect from people who remember 'the revolution will not be televised' but a welcome change is the song, Looking for a Wall, which reminds us that the revolution also runs deep in the young kids who tag (graffiti on walls using flat black spray paint), rather than just being mindless vandals as they are always portrayed by the people rapped about in the political awareness rhymes. Like THE LAST POETS of last century, no one is left out of the 'we are all part of the problem' anthem spun here. Besides the thought provoking lyrics, the sensuous beat reminds me of why a lot of us used to get busy after a successful protest. - PT ROTHSCHILD

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