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In one ‘Simpsons’ episode, young Homer attempts to win Marge’s affection by pretending a need to be tutored. In order to set the stage, he dims the lights and puts on some ‘make-out’ music. This scene is a reference to when music played a part in the ‘art of seduction’ to help put the fairer sex ‘in the mooood’. If she was ‘uptown girl’ you might play some jazz like Ramsey Lewis, or if she was a ‘gangsta bitch’ you’d have the FUNKADELIC getting off on the soundbox. Although this may be a lost art now in the days of myspace, a spit or a swallow, and cybersex, seductive music has not gone the way of the dinosaur. Coming out of New Orleans, a city steeped in sensuality, is Lois ‘Starlyte’ Tillman and her collection of musicians playing Saxophone, flute, congas, and reed instruments, along with the usual musical suspects. The CD title alludes to the fact that this is a spoken word outing, and as such is more like a musical dramatic reading. Part political, part spiritual, STARLYTE’s voice becomes its most seductive on ‘Sweet Sweet Jazz’, a soliloquy that sent me seeking a cold shower. ( – PT ROTHSCHILD

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