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For a few locals around the Southern California cities of Temecula and Murrieta, the songs found on the debut CD of KEENWILD represent a stage of time the singer/songwriter William GouldJr., has gone through. 'MURRIETA' song No. 6 tells of Bill's high school life and the dissin' he went through because he is part Jewish and because he had diverse friends and wasn't afraid to be seen with them. 'QUICKSTOP', a young coffeecrowd fav, is about when 'Bill' worked as a mini-mart manager in Temecula, and 'CLOSER' was composed shortly after Bill met Jeney, the other half of KEENWILD.
Technically the production only gets a 'B' mainly for 'pops' between songs, though in all fairness, my reviewer's copy may have been more demo than commercial. However, the mixing is more than adequate and provides the listener a chance to hear Jeney's 'sweet-as-the-Kansas-prarie' voice and the artistic guitar renderings of Bill, which play more like a backing vocal than an accompaniment. One other thing that stands out when you listen to the eight songs, including Australian hit 'MR. PETE', is the lyrical quality you find in each song. At a time when you don't hear a rhyming line in church songs anymore, it is good to hear songs written with poetic styling that also have some 'meat' to them.
This is a good first effort from a duet that begs the question, 'Does the singer make the song or does the song make the singer,' by saying maybe it is both. Meanwhile you can catch up to the latest haps on them from their website, see thumbnail this page or live at many spots around the Inland Empire. - PT ROTHSCHILD

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