morning is when Jenoah wakes up - Jenoah CD review

When you first open this CD you find several thick stock 'postcards' of sorts, and your eyes fall upon the soft cleavage of Jamie, first card. Each is a double sided card with a picture and words. It raises questions of what it all means but those questions will be filed away, maybe for later. The music found on the CD leaves no question however, and probably falls in my world under the term 'pop scream-MO'. All the songs are produced in studio quality sound so the impressive 'tightness' you see from the band 'live' seems standard here. More songs on the CD feature the vocal duets of Stephen and Lucky with back-up scream-MO rather that the other way around.
All the songs on the CD are well crafted though none stand out as radio friendly Top 40 stuff, except for JAMIE, possibly. Fans of the JENOAH won't be let down by the selection of harmonic tunes. The studio cuts also showcase the band's musical talents blended together for a softer poppy sound. PS: The cards, some of them anyway, refer to the songs. - PT ROTHSCHILD