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5/03/05 Today is the release date of ‘Histrionics’, the latest CD from the group, THE HIGHER. The word ‘histrionics’ is defined as ‘emotional behavior’ and ‘song and dance’, both of which fit THE HIGHER. As you scour myspace, you see many ‘scene eyes’ looking woefully and seductively, staring out from thousands of presumably innocent, rather than guilty, young girls’ faces. This is the next generation, and theirs is the world of Emo, which is short for ‘emotional’. It is in this genre of alternative rock that ‘Histrionics’ fits, there to give words to the expressions that stare out from those beautiful young faces. The words are artistic, the vocals clear and understandable, and the instruments and music a true testament to the live sound of the band. Nothing seems forced or tweaked by the studio here and production values are on par. The CD packs a whopping 14 songs, many of which will surely be played as the band embarks on a major across the country tour to support the CD from Fiddler Records. Check their space on myspace to see when they will be in your neck of the woods. THE HIGHER is Seth Trotter (vocals), Tom Oakes (guitar/vocals), James Mattison (guitar), Jason Centeno (bass), and Pat Harter (drums). – PT ROTHSCHILD

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