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Somewhere between a bullet up the charts and listen-able throwaway music there lies the land of music that you like to play around the house, music that gets your blood stirring, music that you like to sing along with 'cause the lyrics touch you and the music has a driven beat. The five song CD from THE FORMAT has that territory all staked out as it mines for gold.
The closest they come is the first single, I mean, THE FIRST SINGLE, the first cut of the CD. With it's softer rock side, solid vocal duet, and clear acoustic strumming adding danceability to solid lyrics that we all can relate to, this song is looking for a coming-of-age teen movie to anthem. The rest of the CD contains singable songs again because of good lyrics and handy hooks that grab your attention. There is even a nice slow ballad that gives you a romantic breather. - PT ROTHSCHILD

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