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All of us, well, the ‘lucky’ ones at least, meet that special someone who makes our heart go pitty-pat. That’s where the ‘luck’ ends and why we go to the movies to see, boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy finds girl again. It all works out in the movies but it seldom does in real life. Even when the attraction is mutual and at the same time you could still be looking at a Romeo and Juliet situation. In other words, LOVE stinks (and I’m a romantic). It is in this context that the songs found in WHEN YOU’RE ALONE, YOU’RE NOT ALONE, the CD from FORGIVE DURDEN, are written. Artsy and poetic, the songs take us from the unrequited love stage to the ‘stop dragging my heart around’ stage to the ‘I hope you’re happy with him’ stage to the final ‘I’ll haunt your dreams forever, you bitch’, something all us lovelorn can relate to. Production is average for the indie CD and the vocals could have been pumped up a bit, but that could be part of the ‘artsy’. Packaging is top drawer and the lyrics are included though a different font would make the titles easier to read. – pt rothschild

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