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(editor’s note: this review marks a milestone for The Full Value Review as the first international artist review - PT)


Had the calendar not been changed by the Catholic Church to match the Birth of the Christ, the present year would be around 8625. In such an advanced age you would expect the ancient art of creating music to be futurized, and you would be correct. The CD Resurrection by DICHO DISASHI ILUNGA of Greenside, South Africa, is an example of our modern music making technology that is available worldwide. Since the music featured on the CD is listed as R&B/JAZZ, this CD is also an example of just how world wide American Music is and how universal good music is, something we are reminded of whenever THE STONES roll through on a tour. This is an interesting CD not for the vocal quality, per se, but rather for the production/engineering and song writing aspect of it. The 15 tracks of the disc have the overdubbing of a master engineer and capture that international flavor you hear in songs crafted from outside the U.S. Perhaps as a better marketing tool the songs could be sung in a language more exotic than English. At any rate this is a good first effort from someone looking to break into the recording industry other than at a band or singer entry. Contact email is: . – PT ROTHSCHILD

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