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MODERN LONELINESS – Carol Martini CD Review

The first thing that strikes you about this CD is the fact that there are 17 songs listed inside the CD jacket, with the shortest, title track MODERN LONELINESS, being 3:18. This is an indication of just how prolific a songwriter Carol Martini is. Actually Carol says that she penned close to 300 songs between this and the last CD she released, putting her up there with the likes of Stevie Nicks. I mention this songwriting ability because while most of us listen to a CD for the band or the ‘hit’, there are industry folk listening to a songwriter’s song, i.e. John Hiatt, to use with their group or singer. Filling out Carol’s songs here are Ronnie Ciago (drums), Paul III (bass), and co-producer Keith Lynch (guitar), all well seasoned from the musicianship displayed in songs like ‘Shot To My Heart’, ‘Love Kills Love’, and ‘You Can’t Break A Broken Heart’. As the title might suggest, all the songs are cast in the shadow of upbeat Gypsy melancholy found on the downside in a relationship. Still, the vocal shot of this Martini make a broken heart easier to take. – PT ROTHSCHILD

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