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As I stare at the ever growing pile of CDs to be reviewed, I hope most bands will understand the delay of being reviewed in a show at Madlins to having their CD, label or not, reviewed. I will get to play and review them, I promise guys. They have simply been avalanched by the latest bunch of arrivals. Not so for THE BROBECKS though. I had played and added their CD to the nocturnal mix I go to sleep to, like THE CITY’s CD several days after they left town. Taking a break from show reviews lately, I realized that I needed to post up some words on this band’s CD since I had them in my personal mix on heavy rotation. THE BROBECKS, who are from Utah, have put together a CD of songs that form a ‘quirky’ eclectic sound that fit no known category but make a resting spot on ‘new ground’ in your collective conscience, in other words, quirky but catchy. By the second listen, even the annoying electronic intro to ‘C’mon Vietnam’ has become hypnotic. Beyond the COLLECTIVE SOUL-ness of their unique sound is their lyrically different viewpoint on life, found in songs like ‘(everyone is) Better Than Me’, ‘One Minute of Fun’, and ‘Boring’. Commercial ability is shown in abundance by songs ‘You Stole My Head’, ‘And Shoot The Sun’, and ‘File Code #1459’. Outstanding keyboards, excellent orchestration, and snap-crackle-pop drum work never overwhelm the lilting vocals in this five star engineering/production on This CD is surprisingly fresh in more ways than I can relate in this review, so with that said, excuse me while I reinsert THE BROBECKS back into my bedside jukebox. - PT ROTHSCHILD

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