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Bobby Breakdown CD REVIEW

BOBBY BREAKDOWN - 909.375.7388 CD

Back in the day when kids bought 45's, the records not the gats, you got two sides, an 'A' side or hit side, and a 'B' side. If you were lucky, you got a 'B' side that smoked into a hit. BOBBY BREAKDOWN's newest CD is like that, if you look at it commercially. Although the CD contains three songs, including the new one, ENERGY SONG, which is well crafted, it is the second selection, DON'T BOTHER ME, a definite solid 'B' side, and, DUSTY HEART, the 'A' side, that has MTV written all over it. With some dazzling guitar work, great harmonizing, and a smoking bridge, this could be the 'breakout hit' for the band if the right ear hears it.

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