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The band, BEGINNING IS THE END or B.I.T.E. as they are commonly known around the ‘burbs of New Jersey by Elmwood Park High School, is starting a tour to support their latest release on indie label Dreamscape Records. The CD, ‘No Direction’, features 11 cuts plus a bonus video of the song, ‘Somewhere’ on it. The production and engineering are label quality and showcase the ‘grudge punk rock’ sound of Adam (bass/vocals), Dean (lead guitar/backing vocals), Roman (rhythm guitar/backing vocals), and Tomek (drums/backing vocals). The vocals, (they all sing), blend nicely and don’t get over shadowed by the music made in the mix. The music is well executed in a fashion that shows hours of practice through dedication and determination to put out kickass hard rock. Although ‘Somewhere’ is the video featured song, both songs ‘Follow’ and ‘About Tomorrow’ have a more AOR commercial quality track to them. If this CD is any indication, B.I.T.E. Live should have plenty of Direction, all up. Catch the band at a club near you this tour and hear a new song ‘Free Woman’ on their space on myspace. – PT ROTHSCHILD

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