Grand Canyon Caverns

Mile Marker 115 Route 66

Peach Springs, Arizona 86434



One of my favorite things to do is travel.Whatís even better is stumbling across unbelievable treasures.On my latest outing, a trek halfway across the country for Thanksgiving, I discovered the Grand Canyon Caverns.We were on our way home after just about being stranded in Flagstaff, when we decided to take Historic Route 66 for a little while.A large slightly chipped and fading sign stating the wonders of the Grand Canyon Caverns piqued our interest and we turned down the little old road to the caverns.


It was if it was meant to be, as we walked in they were just starting the last tour of the day.The caverns are open from 9am to 5pm in the summer and 10am to 5pm in the winter seven days a week, and are complete with a full restaurant (unfortunately we had already eaten).The fee for entry into the caverns is a very fair $12.95 (if you are a AAA member you get $1 off) and the gift shop items are all reasonable priced as well.You can also choose a flashlight tour for a couple dollars more and an explorative tour, which takes you off the trails and deep in the caverns, for just under $50 per person.


One rule in the GCC is no food or drinks.That is because it is one of the only 3% of all caverns that are dry.Meaning all the water that formed it 345 million years ago is now gone.Two hundred ten feet under the ground and at a very warm 56 degrees the caverns were amazing!I was surprised that we were going on a guided tour.Most other attractions are serve yourself.Our guide, Randy, was very informative and friendly.It was nice to get a feel for the history of the place as we were looking around.For instance, the name of the Caverns used to be Peach Springs Caverns (the nearest town) until it was discovered that the oxygen in the caverns filters in from the Grand Canyon through 63 miles of limestone rock!The sites were unbelievable and the history was amazing!††


I canít say enough good things about the Grand Canyon Caverns!I recommend that anytime you find yourself on I-40 in western Arizona, take a side trip and check out this natural wonder!!


- Jeney Kingsbury