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The J.A.M.S. (hopefully) weekly newsletter

Joshua Tree Association of Musicians and Songwriters

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PO Box 203

Joshua Tree, CA 92252

Gig reports and editorial comments for the week Dec 21-27, 2004


Hey, hey, hey-

Well, the equipment trailer is in the garage. The boys are on the way home. I’m lookin’ forward to not doin’ anything harder than playing a few gigs for the next two weeks. Now that I no longer have little kids, I don’t get too heavily into either the religious side or the commercial side of Christmas, but it still is a magical time of the year to me. Today is the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. It’s a time of reflection and, hopefully, peace.

The solstice was celebrated as the rebirth of the light by the pagans. That is probably why the early Christians put the birth of Christ near it (His historical birth is widely believed to have been in the spring). After the 21st, the sun gets higher and higher in the sky ‘till the summer solstice, when it starts going backwards again. The light grows and the darkness recedes.

I consider midwinter the time when the inner becomes stronger than the outer. It is my time to look at how close my outer manifestation is to my inner life. The inner has always been stronger in me that the outer. I love the dark as much as the light. I look at the stars out there and see my true home. The outward reality I am able to manifest is pale and 2 dimensional compared to my inner reality. I think that is true in many artists. It may the reason why so many of us have such a hard time dealing with the world (it could also be the alcohol and dope, but that could actually symbolize the same thing on a lower level).

There is going to be a lot of cool stuff goin’ on the next few weeks. Be sure to get out and play and listen. Most importantly, nurture the quiet inside yourself.

Dat’s all for now…

Da prez

PS. If you are interested, don’t forget to check out the JAMS political supplement attached. Also, there is a cool piece by Steve Martin- The King and I. Also Ted’s top 10.


***gig reports***


**Thursday Night Songwriting, Poetry and Rhythm Club**

** Sponsored by The Sun Runner and Z107 Radio **

Thursday Nights at the Water Canyon in Yucca Valley, 7-9 PM (starts promptly- attendance will be taken)

This week

Musical guest(s): Chrys Mitchell (Iowa folksinger)

Kevin Stetz (Young, local songwriter with cool, fresh lyrical sense)

Spoken Word- TBA

(If you’d like to appear on the showcase, email me (da prez) at , let me know what you do, and when you’d like to appear)


Water Canyon Coffee Company

Yucca Valley at 55844 29 Palms Highway. 760 365 7771

Dec 26th

Sunday from 9-11pm

Warsaw-(a ‘must see’)

Popular touring ska band ‘Warsaw’ will appear at the Water Canyon Coffee Company on Dec. 26th, at 9 PM, $10 at the door. Several of the band’s members are from the desert, and this will be another of their traditional ‘day after Christmas’ appearances at the Water Canyon. This is the only local appearance of the band for the year and the WC is glad to be the host. If you are not familiar with this highly regarded group check out their website

Come early, a large crowd is expected.

New Years Eve. Dec 31

Friday 8 to 12PM

***Cover Free New Years Party***

with ‘Abandon Ship’ and special guests

(electric and acoustic trio originally from JT. strong songs and vocals)

New Years Day Jan 1st

Saturday 8 to 10PM

JT Shakers and special guests

(the one and only, topical, irreverent, cruelly handsome dudes)


* We are closing up shop for this holiday week..goin' back east to see the kin-folk..Re-Opening Thusday 12/30th for a night of country & surf - rock with:
Lizzy Williams & Hunter Harvey

NEW YEARS EVE ! with The Sin City All-Stars
make your reservations now..couple of seats left...
happy holidays!


Beatnik new years


Friday December 31 2004 8pm until ...

Ted Quinn with special guests Sue Bradley Tal Hurley Jenn Murphy Kevin Stetz

(also, see ted’s complete note, and top 10 list in attachment)


The Rojer Arnold Band will be performing at Pappy and Harriet's Thursday Jan. 13 at 7 PM. Please join us for a cool night of roughcut jamming and some special guests. (more in announcements)




The Sun Runner is throwing a party to celebrate our 10th anniversary of publishing this little arts magazine. It will be from 5 to 9 p.m., Friday, January 7 at the 29 Palms Inn. Please come join us for food, wine, music and fun.


Winter Solstice Drumming, Singing & Dancing Tuesday, 7 pm December 21, 2004 $5.00 in The Preceptory of Light at The Institute of Mentalphysics Spiritual Teaching and Retreat Center

59700 29 Palms Hwy., Joshua Tree, CA



"The Insanity Principle" prints for sale:

'Linda Carmella Sibio's life may strike the casual observer as emotionally
chaotic, but a closer inspection reveals a rich and vibrant tapestry, with
an awe-inspiring resiliency.' Deanna Frankliin, Clinical Psychiatry News,
November 2004

'Sibio's hallucinations are ordered and instructive, beautiful an incapable
of ever being fully grasped. Like all the best art, they have a mystical
lure in them that immediately captures the eye.' N.F. Karlins, Artnet,
September, 2003

The prints for sale can be viewed by going to and clicking
on my name and hitting prints. The sale is that the prints can be purchased
for $65 each and the checks should be sent to Linda Sibio at PO Box 1972,
Joshua Tree, CA 92252, please include phone number, mailing address and the
full purchase price. Any questions? Call the artist at 760-362-4071. Please
also include the title for the print being purchased.

(Linda’s stuff is highly unique and beautifully detailed- if you haven’t seen it, check it out)


Tom Freund

Hi folks , Happy Beautific Holidays, Thank You all for supporting us musical types as the winter months wear on . . .

2 Shows in the next 2 weeks, one in NY with my buddy Walter Salas Humara

(The Silos) at The Living Room on Dec. 19th at 9 o'clock, a kind of solo and duo thing, maybe more . . . 154 Ludlow Street, between Rivington and Stanton

Then, Dec.27th , opening for the fabulous Shawn Colvin in Telluride, Colorado at the Sheridan Opera House, please let any Co. heads know! "Riding shotgun in the avalanche . ."

**Excellent Xmas Gift, Copper Moon, we swear it won't bring you down! here is early review on Amazon by MSNBC writer Randy Abramson Music Review: Copper Moon - Tom Freund

Copper Moon speaks with a quiet authority. Freund has been at this for a while - this is his third solo album - and his maturity as a songwriter is evident. From simple nostalgia to complicated conversations about interior observations of living in America today, Tom takes us willingly into his quiet, understated world.

Stylistically, one is tricked into settling down for a typical acoustic singer/songwriter album by the simple, self exposing first track, "Copper Moon." But Tom sharpens his rock blade for "Mercury" on track two then switches gears to an almost country tune with number three: "Run Like That."

By now the listener knows that they are in for a unique voice. Freund doesn't disappoint. The following tunes on Copper Moon are each fully realized and unique as he explores folk, swing, rock and country but each step remains a pleasing element of a cohesive whole.

The best description of Freund's sound, and I hate to do this, is what one would get if Tom Petty and Nick Drake had a love child. His voice is soft and his presentation subtle but he retains that American "thing." It is very

satisfying to find an artist in any medium that makes a unique contribution to the fabric of American art. Here is Tom Freund's offering and I thank him for it.

Copper Moon is not yet available from Amazon, but is from his website .

To order CD's, send a $16.00 check ($19.00 for Europe) to:

Tom Freund Surf Road Records

938 Palms Bvld. Venice, CA 90291



On Wednesday, Dec. 29th, the Rock Garden Cafe in Palm Springs will present a unique program of rare Christmas films dating from 1915 to 1955.

Are you tired of the glitzy, high-tech Christmas entertainment currently offered in the 21st Century? If you are, then join the Eclectic Film Series presentation of this unique Retro-Xmas experience. Among the films to be presented are Thomas Edison's THE ADVENTURES OF THE WRONG SANTA CLAUSE from 1915, the 1925 Our Gang Xmas release, GOOD CHEER, The 1946 Cannes Film Festival Award winner A CHRISTMAS DREAM, the violent action of A PUNCH AND JUDY XMAS, and the infamous camp classic HOWDY DOODY'S XMAS.

In an age of multi-million dollar holiday movies, these nostalgic films return us to an era of a simpler, traditional Christmas. Many of these film were never shown in theaters and were released only to the home market of families that owned movie projectors back in the 40's and 50's. The original vintage film prints will be used in this presentation.

This program of short subjects which will last approximately 2 hours, will be introduced by film historian Christopher Perry.

RARE CHRISTMAS FILMS will be presented one night only, on Wednesday Dec. 29th at 7 PM. The Rock Garden Cafe is located at 777 South Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs. Admission is $6 for adults and $3 for Children. For more information call (760) 365-0475.


Hi _ Just a note regarding Heather Myles Performance at Papy and Harriets on January 8th. Along with her will be The Sidewinders . I am sending you her E press kit in the event that you would like to run a little blurb in the newsletterabout her. We all had a great time at Gramfest this year and hope to return in 2005. Seems the fans enjoyed the show too- Heather had a standing ovation from the crowd at the Playhouse Theatre !

Linda Hefferon Personal Assitant/Publicist Heather Myles

4058 Locust St Riverside CA 92504




Casola Skone Music Studios Productions has set auditions for its upcoming production of Angels in the Desert. Auditions will take place:

WHEN: Date: Jan 22 from 2-5 P.M.

WHERE: Heaven 611 S. Palm Canyon Dr., Ste. 16, Palm Springs, CA

Contact Phone: 760.328.4668 Ron Casola and/or Brian Skone

Casola Skone Music Studios are holding auditions for their upcoming three showcase season at Heaven nightclub. The first showcase in the season, Angels In The Desert, is scheduled for April 17 with following shows In August (TBA) and the next on December 11.

Artistic and musical direction is by Casola Skone Music Studios. We are seeking male and female performers ages twenty-one and over. Bring two prepared songs; one ballad and one upbeat song. Prerecorded CD's and tapes are acceptable. An accompanist will be provided.

We are looking for six singers for each show. All performers will be paid.

Our last production An Over the Rainbow Evening performed at Heaven was reviewed as a "new refreshing and outstanding performance" . The house was sold out and was standing room only. There was media coverage from KMIR (Channel 6), the CBS Morning Show, and Pride Nation Network (as will be for following shows).

We are looking forrward to a great 2005 season at Heaven including other producitons at various venues to follow.


Greetings of the Season My Fellow Human Beans, I hope you are finding the holiday spirit friendly! I know it's a hectic time at the moment but I wanted to let you know about some dates I will be playing in California and the Midwest with my band:

Jan 7 & 8, House of Blues, Anaheim, Ca. with Los Lobos and Jackie Green 9pm ( Solo - 30 min)

1530 S. Disneyland Dr., Anaheim, Ca.

Jan. 13 Fitzgeralds, (headline) 9pm

6615 Roosevelt, Berwyn, Il. , 708 788 6670

Jan. 14 Maintenance Shop, (headline) 9pm Iowa State Mem Union, room 007, Ames, Ia

Jan. 15 Davey's Uptown,(headline) 8pm

3402 Main St., Kansas City, Mo 816 753 1909

Jan. 16 Old Settlers Inn,(headline) 4:30 pm. Two sets.

118 S. Christian St., Moundridge, Ks.

Jan. 17, 2005 Wichita TV, details to follow. 11am

Feb. 4 Pappy & Harriets, Pioneertown, Ca. (headline)

9:30 pm

Have a great holiday! Cheers Anne McCue of the McCue Clan



Also just a note. I realize you said it was too bad that Buzz Gamble didn't leave behind any recordings, but he did! We recorded a great CD at Desert Sky Studios in the Summer of 2002.We even got national airplay on the syndicated show Blues Deluxe.As soon as they received the CD they emailed us asking to use our verison of Willie Dixon's I'm Ready.The Cd is currently getting the final touches to the artwork and Joshua Tree Records with help from Desert Sky Music will be releasing it soon.Plus we have three or four hours of live performances were culling through. Soon stay tuned.

P.S. Expect a one night of blue zen with the Daily Blues reunion band!



**JAMS Comments**


'Twas the night before Christmas and on the high plains
not a creature was stirring who had any brains.
The high wind was a-blowing across the flat land
and dust clouds were raising and blowing with sand.

When out by the outhouse I heard a VAROOM
a roar and a shriek and then a KA-BOOM.
I knew without looking and merely stayed calm
'twas our U.S. Marines from Twentynine Palms.
They bombed and they strafed and soared through the sky
shaking our cabins when 'ere they swept by.

Then it turned calm and the stars were aglow.
We waited for Santa but all of us know
that he never comes here, his sled is too tiny
for sand dunes and boulders and cactus so spiny.

But just out of habit each year after year
we garland the Yuccas and Joshuas here
trying our best to display Christmas cheer.

In case Santa comes, we set out some treats
Chipolte and Jackrabbit and other good eats
along with a fruit jar of Pulque (homemade)
to gulp down for snakebite (Mojave first aid)

Will this be the year that he brings us good things?
Or will he just quit when he stops in Palm Springs.
Perhaps he will come in a rough and tough Hummer
to see that this Christmas will not be a bummer.

He won't bring us toys, not even knick-knacks
no plastic doo-dads and no bric-a-bracs.
He might just bring us the best we could ask.
He could bring us back our troops from Iraq.

Boris Tortoise

(sent by Kathy Radnich)



Hello, friends of the desert,

The Morongo Basin Conservation Association will have several openings on their Board of Directors at the end of this year. We are looking for people who would like to help make a difference in the future quality of life in the Morongo Basin by serving on the Board.

The Board meets 10 times a year (no meetings in July-August). The term is three years.

This is a time of change for MBCA, and by serving on the Board now you can help shape the organization and determine the environmental priorities for our communities and wildlands locally. We are especially looking to include on the Board more members from the West Basin areas (Joshua Tree, Yucca Valley, Morongo Valley, Landers, etc.).

It you think you might be interested, or would like to recommend someone, please contact us here by replying to this message.

Thank you!

For the environment,

Christine Carraher

Member of the Board, MBCA


Sorry to keep so out of touch but this cold has my brain on a lower thermostatic setting. Anyhow, again a magical few weeks of music have swept through town. I missed Stevie Barsotti show at WC so I could make the Burrito Deluxe gig at P&H. Most of the BD's material came off their latest CD - The Whole Enchilada. Again, superb musicianship. Another rhythm section to die for. Found myself out back, shoulder to shoulder with Garth Hudson. That was a magic moment.

What about that opening act? Mojave Moon. Just had a conversation about three and four part harmonies being a lost art -- apparently not lost on these gals. A solid band. Jennifer on drums, Harriet - was that a Mosrite bass? Cheryl, Jackie kicking butt on her Tele', Vicky on her Martin and Carol Ann on mandolin (when it comes to tempo, that girl is fearless). An audience member summed it up best saying, "could have listened to 'em all night long.

Leon Russell did his thing. Mike Stinson did a solo. Johnny Kaplan a duo. After the show, I saw those guys and Tom Fruend plus some local folk hanging out at the back bar. Next time, would someone please invite ME into the conversation?

Was too sick to catch Jon Bertini and SteveO at WC. When are these guys gonna' do POSS (Pappy's Original Songwriters Showcase).

Speaking of POSS, we had a great show, last night. Mark Griffin opened, followed by Rocco Patrick. Tal Hurley invited the gang from the 'nik to have some fun onstage - Ted, Sue and Clive. Jim Kyle played, as I understand it, for the first time in a long time. Newcomer Andre Nash stuck it out and closed the program. At one point I looked out and saw TK Smith hanging around, SteveO and Darlene, Shanghai Steve and Judy taking pics', folks from the 'nik and I thought to myself, "this is cool."

jb -- hope I'm feeling better.


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