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Gig reports and editorial comments for the week Dec 14-21, 2004


Hey, hey, hey-

I just have a few short comments regarding some things I noticed during the last week’s shows. First of all, the Mafia Christmas show was very good and fun, but something happened that I want to talk about. I have noticed this problem all over the place, but it is especially serious at the Playhouse because the room is favorable to acoustic acts and not so much to louder electric bands. There was a pretty decent crowd and they were whoopin’ it up through the acoustic acts about halfway through the show. At that point, we had a very good, and very loud electric band. Probably 80% of the people exited during that set. You have to be a true believer to listen to loud electric music in the Playhouse. The problem is that there were several more acoustic acts scheduled after the electric band and most of the audience was gone. At the very end of the show, there was a very, very, very loud rock band, which played to a handful of friends only. I propose that we (I say we, cause I am usually doing the sound) try to schedule the electric bands after the acoustic acts. That would be a natural progression of sound and folks who didn’t want to stay for the electric stuff could still support the other acts.

Secondly, at the Leon Russell show (was that a cool show, or what?) a lot of friends said hello as I rushed around. Since Leon had his own engineer, I thought I could relax during his show, but instead was handling problems with flash photos. Seems the band doesn’t allow it and Leon hates flashes in his face. There were folks sticking cameras right in his face and flashing ‘im. The tour mgr and engineer were ballistic about it and I was running around trying to get folks to stop. I didn’t mean to be rude to my friends who wanted to strike up a conversation. Remember that sound contracting is my day job (even though I do it at night usually) and (if not mixing) I am there to keep things sounding good and working as smoothly as possible. I really like to slow down and bullshit a little with friends, but can’t always do it. If I brush you off at a show, please don’t take offense. That said, we could’a just made an announcement about the cameras. Too easy, I guess!

Finally, I am playing this Saturday at the Water Canyon with the reclusive and excellent mandolinist, Jon Bertini. We will probably do some trio vocals with Darlene, and maybe have a few other guests up. I hope you can come in.

Dat’s all for now…

PS. If you are interested, don’t forget to check out the JAMS political supplement attached.

Da prez


***gig reports***


**Thursday Night Songwriting, Poetry and Rhythm Club**

** Sponsored by The Sun Runner and Z107 Radio **

Thursday Nights at the Water Canyon in Yucca Valley, 7-9 PM (starts promptly- attendance will be taken)

This week

Musical guest: Jon Bertini (we’ll try out some stuff for Saturday)

Spoken Word- TBA

(If you’d like to appear on the showcase, email me (da prez) at , let me know what you do, and when you’d like to appear)


Water Canyon Coffee Company

Yucca Valley at 55844 29 Palms Highway. 760 365 7771

Dec 18

Saturday from 11am to 1pm

Dave Tereault (classical guitar instrumentals)

Saturday from 8pm till 10pm

Da Prez, with Jon Bertini and special guests.


Pappy's Original Songwriters Showcase

Pappy & Harriet's Saloon Pioneertown, Ca.

Monday, Dec. 20th 6:00-9:00PM

Andre Nash hot off Nashville tour

Rocco Patrick from the subways of NYC to the streets of Pi-town

Jim Kyle -29 Palms bluesman

Tal Hurley -Beatnik Café favorite son

emcee: Mark Griffin

for booking info'


Radio 60

December 16, 2004, 7pm

Pappy & Harriet’s

53-688 Pioneertown Road




December 17, 2004

The Handlebar & Grill

19-345 North Indian Avenue

North Palm Springs


For bookings and information call Greg Veach at







Hi Bob - and virtually everyone else! I'd like to say that though I haven't received exact figures, the total take for the Hi-Desert Playhouse and Tender Loving Christmas was over $600, with additional funds for the Playhouse coming from bar and food sales. I would have loved to see the concert packed, and we'll continue to work to improve the quality of the concert - for those in the audience and those performing, but I definitely consider the event a success and want to thank all of you VERY much for making it one. Bob is right - the talent here is astounding, and you all are living proof of that. Below is a copy of the release I just dashed off to the local papers. If I forgot anyone, please let me know ASAP - I'm still exhausted from the evening. Also, if anyone was unsatisfied with the event, also let me know. We want this to be a success for ALL involved and we're open to (hopefully constructive) criticism. I do know that we ran behind schedule and that impacted those who performed later more than it did those first up. I'd like to apologize for that as I made the call to wait for Michael McKinsey to arrive to get the web feed for the broadcast set up. Michael was coming from the Coachella Valley and suffered a flat tire on the way - a low-tech hassle for a hi-tech kind of guy. That, and waiting for latecomers in the audience, put us behind, but I didn't want the people up first to miss out on the webcast. Thank you all for contributing your time and talents to this benefit. You're great! thanks, Steve, err, Shanghai, Brown

PS: The Sun Runner is throwing a party to celebrate our 10th anniversary of publishing this little arts magazine. It will be from 5 to 9 p.m., Friday, January 7 at the 29 Palms Inn. Please come join us for food, wine, music and fun.

Second Annual Merry Mafia Christmas Benefit Concert a Success

It was chaotic, crazy, fun and long, but this year’s Merry Mafia Christmas Concert also raised over $600 in funds for the Hi-Desert Playhouse and Tender Loving Christmas.

In addition to the planned line-up of top-notch musical acts that included Shawn Mafia and the Ten Cent Thrills, Ted Quinn, the Ritmo Loco Afro-Cuban Jazz Quartet, the Rojer Arnold band, the frenetic cabaret of Really Shooo, Bob & Allison Garcia, Callan, Jemma Moday, Sue Bradley, Shanghai Brown and Mighty Jack, special guests included Tal Hurley, Adriana Mafia, as well as the JT Shakers.

The concert was co-produced and hosted by Shawn Mafia and Shanghai Brown and was broadcast live over the Internet through

The producers would like to thank the concert sponsors: The Sun Runner desert arts and entertainment magazine, VIP Printing, the Joshua Tree Beatnik Café, Mountain Valley Memorial Park, Wiefels & Son Funeral Directors and Rock-It-Man CDs.

They also want to give special thanks to Hi-Desert Publishing for its superb help in promoting the event, set creator Kathleen Marion, soundman Steve Lester, John Boyd on the lights and special effects, Michael McKinsey on the live Web feed, along with Lisa Furugen, Becky Boyer and all of the Hi-Desert Playhouse board members and volunteers who did an exceptional job in making the second annual Merry Mafia Christmas Concert a success.

The producers would also like to thank all those in the community who supported and attended this event to benefit the Hi-Desert Playhouse and Tender Loving Christmas, and all of the musicians who gave their time and talent to make the concert a success.

Steve Brown, Publisher/Executive Editor of The Sun Runner.



Season Tickets for Theatre 29's 2005 season are now available. A season ticket gives the holder one seat for each of the seven regular season shows. This season's line-up is "Ain't Misbehavin", "The Apple Tree", "Oklahoma", "100 Lunches", Disney's "Beauty and the Beast", "Teens in Tinseltown", and "Nunsense". Great for you and as gifts. A general admission season ticket costs $48, while a senior's ticket is $42. For more information or to purchase call 367-6563

Gary Daigneault Program/News Director, KCDZ, 107.7 FM, Joshua Tree President, Board of Directors, Theatre 29 Program Chairman, Yucca Valley Rotary Voice: 760-366-8471 FAX 366-2976



Yucca Valley is getting ready for a spectacular "Happy Trails to Yule" Festival of Lights parade this Saturday December 18 beginning at 5:30 pm. The parade will lead off with our local Hi-Desert all cowgirl equine drill team decked out in lights and recently returning from the 2004 Hollywood Christmas Parade. These gals have performed for many professional rodeos throughout California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah. Following the girls will be Santa Claus on a 1952 Mack Fire truck owned and driven by Monte & Carolyn Hammer. All three Hammer brothers have entered their Fire Trucks for the past few years in the Old Town Light Parade and will be showing off their vintage fire engines covered with thousands of Christmas lights. Miss Yucca Valley and her court will be riding on Doug Hammers' Coyote Ridge Stables 1958 American La France Fire Truck with 15,000 lights. There are five Fire Engines entered in this years parade of lights. You will see floats, tractors, youth drill & cheer teams, quads, race and classic cars covered with lights to get you into the Holiday Spirit. Radio station KQ92FM & KIX96 FM will provide live parade coverage during the parade from a 20' scissor lift and Christmas music will be in the air. After the parade you can view the floats in front of the Elks Lodge and get warm inside at the 'After Parade Party' sponsored by many local merchants and citizens. There will be no admission to see Becky's Puppet show and Santa from 6-8 pm and refreshments will be served at a small cost by the Emblem Club of the Elks 2314 Lodge. You don't want to miss this year's Light Parade sponsored by the Old Town Merchants Association and the Town of Yucca Valley. Parade route will start at Fox Trail in Old Town and go east on SR 62 to Remembrance Park and loop back on SR 62 to Pioneertown Road to turn right on Pioneertown Road to Yucca Trail and the Elks Lodge at 55946 Yucca Trail. There is still time to light up your entry and get in the fun of the parade. Call the Chamber of Commerce for more information at 365-6323.




This year Congress not only provided a $74-million increase for national park operations, it directed that a majority of that increase be used to ensure that each and every park receive a nearly 5 percent increase to their budget. This means that for the first time in years, parks will not be forced to face devastating budget cuts that shrink staffing levels and programs. This boost represents the first real increase in budgets for California's desert parks--Joshua Tree, Mojave, and Death Valley--since before 2001. From the thousands of letters following the release of NPCA's Endangered Rangers report and Ten Most Endangered Parks list, to the LTEs and calls for increased funding throughout the year and as the appropriations bill was being finalized, your voice was heard and heeded.

Unfortunately the work is not done. Although this is excellent news, it's far from what is needed to protect and enhance our national parks. They remain under-funded with natural and cultural resources and visitor experiences in jeopardy.

TAKE ACTION >> Currently, the president is finalizing his budget request for fiscal year 2006 and planning his next State of the Union address. Now is the perfect time to write the White House and encourage the president to reaffirm his commitment to protecting and preserving our natural heritage and cultural legacy by providing a $150-million increase for national parks and reflect on the importance of national parks in his State of the Union address. Tell him to demonstrate the true meaning of his Inauguration's theme - "A Vision of America" - by providing America's national parks with the resources they so desperately need.

To sign up for regularly delivered action alerts from NPCA, visit

Sincerely, Howard

Howard Gross California Desert Program Manager National Parks Conservation Association

61325 29 Palms Hwy, Suite B Joshua Tree, CA 92252

(760) 366-3035


**JAMS Comments**

From Mojave Moon:

Thanks to all who came out on Thurday night! Amazing love, support and genuine Rock N Roll enthusiasm filled Pappy and Harriet's. We rocked the house and look forward to more! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Blessings and Happy Holidays! See you all very soon! Mojave Moon- Harriet, Cheryl, Vicki, Jackie, Carol Ann, Jennifer


Hey StevO, Shawn and Steve Thanks so much for all your hard work. A labor of love. StevO it was such a pleasure to hear and see you perform outside of the WC. JTShakers are great! Now we all are awaiting the mixing of that CD. GREAT to see Shawn's show on stage and to FINALLY have seen Shanghai in action. We were told we sounded good too and we know everyone else we heard sounded simply awesome. We think the evening was inspired. Hope some money was made for the causes and that you got out of there before sun up. Bravo to all, it is a wonderful space to work in and an honor to have been invited. See you all tonight at Pitown, Peace through music, Ellen & Billy Reallyshooo

(thanks for the nice comments. It’s the first time Bob, Sam and I have played together for months-great fun!)


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Unless we properly manage resources like forests, water, land, minerals and oil, we will not win the fight against poverty. And there will not be peace. Old conflicts will rage on and new resource wars will erupt unless we change the path we are on.

To celebrate this award, and the work it recognizes of those around the world, let me recall the words of Gandhi: “My life is my message”. Also, plant a tree.

Wangari Maathai, the 2004 winner of the Nobel Peace Prize


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