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The spring night, April 17th, already has a special feel to it. Madlin's Coffee House, Temecula, CA, is hosting a charity event, their first time ever. The air is cool and the breeze is brisk behind partly cloudy deep blue skies. The door checker who keeps stats on the band's fans starts to notice something. For every one person there because of the charity drive, there are two to see the band Bobby Breakdown.As the place fills up, the crowd enjoys the warm-up they get from the opening group, IF ALL ELSE FAILS. But as more young high schoolers, jr. high schoolers, and parents start to pack the place, you can tell the atmosphere is been pushed up a bit. There is electricity in the air. Then the flash and pop start with the pearl blue accented drum kit set atop a zebra skinned throw rug. As you stand there straining to get a glimpse of what's happening up on stage, it's hard to imagine that this 'buzz' is based on a hot 3-piece group that still attends Murrieta Valley High School. In a style reminiscent of the Van Halen family, two of the three members are brothers and Mom and Dad are proud 'roadies', as are several young 'band-aids'.After a quick introduction to the eager crowd, the boys strike out with punk rock songs and stage gestures that are ready made for MTV, if they ever discover something outside of hip-hop. This band belts out songs in a young punk style of no-nonsense that is absent of that "wow, here we are, out here in Hollywood" daze. Bobby Breakdown in blazing vocals done by the guitar and accompanied on background by the brother on bass, both ask and answer the question, 'when is scream-MO not scream-MO, to a blistering drum beat. If they can maintain that level of energy and commitment, AND catch a lucky break, they could really break out of Murrieta.

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