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Weapons of Mass Destruction Found Buried...
(The Emperor Wears No Clothes REVIEW) to the bad side effects of marijuana in Al Capone's Vault. April Fools Geraldo, there ain't no such thing. If I got your attention, good, that is just what happened to me when I read the eleventh edition of THE EMPEROR WEARS NO CLOTHES by JACK HERER. In 1974, California made possession of under an ounce of pot a misdemeanor and Jack Herer and his friend and 'ace-ku-moon' Captain Ed Adair figured like everyone else here that legal pot was only months away, maybe two years at the most. But Captain Ed didn't trust politicians to get the job done so he and Jack made a pledge -- we swear to work every day to legalize marijuana and get all pot prisoners out of jail until we are dead, marijuana is legal, or we could quit when we turned 84. We wouldn't have to quit but we could.

Well, Captain Ed was right about the politicians. Today we have more people in jail for pot than ever before, and yet marijuana use is steady. Could it be that Thomas Jefferson was right in saying that when the government enacts an unjust law, citizens have the right to break that law (as often as possible)? Today in America despite the government prohibition and international intimidation of pot, there is a thriving subculture that is so open it is no longer underground. The 'culture of cannabis' exists like magic, either you are part of it, or it is something you see out of the corner of your eye. Pot, a weed, is second only to Jesus Christ in being controversial. How can a simple budding annual cause so much debate, have so much government money spent denouncing it (that's your tax dollars at work folks), and be so politically incorrect that no, I repeat, NO candidate running for high office will even utter the word, 'pot?' Well, the answer has to be read to be believed. Even then, you have to reread several times to believe what your eyes are telling you about grass, or to be more accurate, HEMP, which is the name for cannabis the world knew before the U.S. Government decided to out a badmouth campaign about it. But this review isn't about the narrow-minded pencil dicks and their Gestapo laws to rid the planet of pot users, and surprisingly enough, neither is the government's obsession against it.

While the answers found in THE EMPEROR will astound you, it is the truth about hemp, or pot, or grass, or weed that will amaze you. Let me give you an analogy of the situation. Listen up and think about this. 'You are standing in front of a Cadillac showroom. GOD walks up to you and says, "My son, I really like you, I really do. To show my love for you and because I Made all things, you may have that Caddy if you so desire." You walk into the showroom, slowly making your way around this awesome ride, taking in every detail you can, rubbing your eyes in disbelief at such a free gift. Then you quickly grab and break off a windshield wiper and run out of the showroom. Every morning now when you shower, you pick up that windshield wiper and clear the steam off the bathroom mirror so you can have a clean shave.' That's the way we are about hemp.
There is a danger to reading this elegant, comprehensive edition that features the past, present and possible future of pot in full color articles and reprinted historical records. The entire pot picture is found here. You see the full depth of the picture and you began to understand it is not just about the money, it is not even just about power. It is about doing the right thing, about doing Good versus doing Evil. If you haven't seen the History Channel's 'Illegal Drugs', the marijuana episode and the five people the government had on it's medical marijuana program, you should. Another example is Alan Martinez, 40, an epilepsy sufferer. "I suffered no grand mal seizures -- the most debilitating type, since using marijuana medically." Sadly Alan died in a car accident while having a seizure at the wheel after the Feds stopped his marijuana use. I wonder if Ashcroft said to Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas, the DEA Director, 'well that's one less pothead to worry about?' Despite what the BUSH Administration has told you about Saddam and his policies, the countries of Russia and the good old U.S.A. have the highest percentage of their own citizens in jail or prison, according to the World Almanac.

But wait there's more. The present rate of deforestation going on in the world that is being done to satisfy an ever increasing housing demand, coupled with ever increasing appetite for things plastic and pollution making cars (sure we have emission standards but what about places as close as Mexico City, where a rare freeze and snow storm killed a number of people just a couple of months ago) are leading to a change in this terrarium that we all live and breath in. The use of hemp and hemp made products could dampen future natural disorders perhaps foretold of in the Bible.

Webster's College Dictionary defines 'emperor' as the 'supreme ruler of an empire.' We have Mr. Herer to thank for two Great Truths in his book. We are indeed an Empire, whether you realize it or not. Saddam knows it, that's why he had U.S. Benjamins stuffed in his mattress with him. And second, we have turned our collective will over to be ruled by rulers who have been sold a 'Brooklyn Bridge' suit of clothes. This book, THE EMPEROR WEARS NO CLOTHES should be sitting under every Bible in the country. If it were, this country would be a different place and stand for, perhaps, higher values in the world's eyes. God Bless You Jack Herer ( for bringing forth the "hempire strikes back," somebody's got to 'tell 'em where the bear shit in the buckwheat.'


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